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Why Do You Need a Professional Home Inspector? 

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Hiring a professional home inspector is not really mandatory before you buy a house. However, many people know the benefits of hiring a professional before finally deciding to complete the purchase. You would not want to purchase a house that has hidden deferred maintenance problems and substandard structural issues. The following are the primary reasons why you need a professional Potts home inspections Chattanooga inspector and what they could provide for you: 

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They Know Some Things that You Don’t 

As a commoner, we don’t really have some knowledge about construction materials, building codes, construction methods, and even the skill to identify faults and problems that are not obvious in the naked eyes. Also as a professional, they have an ethical code of conduct and standards of certification, which further prove they have the skills necessary for the job.  

They Save you from Buying Risks  

When you buy a house, you will be provided with many details, which you may not understand. A professional home inspector could interpret the details for you. Aside from this, you may not see some risks such as very expensive home repairs that you would be dealing once the house is now in your possession.  

Another thing is that they could prevent your hasty decision in buying expensive houses that don’t worth it. It also makes you a lot confident in the house you are about to buy because they could provide you the pros and cons of the purchase. When you hire a home inspector, you would have a chance to renegotiate or cancel the deal you already have made when the inspector sees any faults on the house and the price.  

Create a Checklist of the Things You Would like to be Inspected 

The inspector typically checks out the main systems of your house, such as your roof, foundation, walls, HVAC, plumbing, etc. But to make sure you are not leaving any important check-ups, it is ideal to itemize the things you want to be checked during the home inspection. It is always better to inform the home inspector about the things to be checked before the actual inspection especially when you include sewer, chimney, radon, etc. In the list. This is because an inspection of different places might require special equipment, and telling them beforehand could give them enough preparation time. For instance, a chimney inspection requires a camera on a cable to be able to look at the areas in the chimney flue. 

They Have an Insurance Policy 

Professional home inspectors especially those who are members of the National Association of Home Inspectors have errors and omissions insurance. This provides you with protection against financial damages when they have overlooked something they should have caught.  

They Provide an Unbiased Opinion 

Because they are a third party, they would actually tell you both the pros and cons of the purchase. A home inspector is not trying to sell you anything and is not going to make any money in doing the repairs, so they don’t have the reasons to lie to you about the potential repairs of the house.  

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