Questions to Ask When Hiring a Tree Cutting Service 

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When it comes to tree cutting, the job is too dangerous and big for DIY. You need a professional expert to cut them down. You should hire a professional expert for tree service. Doing this kind of work needs training and protection because there is risk involved such as homes, nearby properties, electric wires and many more. So, how to find a tree removal service? Tree Cutting Service 

  1. Do TheyHave an Insurance?  

Most state requires any stump removal tree companies to have a Liability Insurance. When you ask for an estimation, they will also carry the certificate with them to show to you. You can verify this certificate to the licensing department. Do not hire someone who only says that they will sign a waiver instead of giving the worker’s compensation insurance. What if someone hurt during the job? What if they cause a damage to your property? Who will be responsible for the compensation and bills of the worker? If they can’t show you any proof of insurance, find a new potential contractor to do the job. There are plenty to choose from anyway. 

  1. AreTheyLicensed to do the Job?  

You have to check if the company you are going to hire has credentials to do the job such as the Tree Care Industry Association and many more. If you have doubt, you can always check them out at Business Bureau. You only want to work with people who are legit to do the job. This is to ensure you that they are abiding by the regulation of tree cutting and the safety of everyone. For example, what will they do if they are going to cut a tree near electric conductor? They should know what permits to get and how to do it safely.  

  1. WillTheyGive You Free Estimation?  

The tree cutting price usually depends on the kind of job they will do. The difficult the job and the time it takes will affect the pricing. You also have to consider the employees needed for the work and the equipment to use. That is why it is very essential to ask first for a price than being shocked at the end of the bill. Some cheap services are tempting but they won’t offer the quality of work you are looking. A professional tree cutter will give you a fair price with the kind of service you deserve. They will have the right equipment, finish the work in a timely manner and bill you according to the service they offer fairly. 

  1. DoestheCompany Looks Professional?  

To check this out, you need to go to the office of the company and observe them. What does their office look? How about their truck and other equipment? Are they courteous and open to answering your questions? Do they have a website also for you to see? Beware of companies that do not have websites. They might not be legible to do the job. The way the company also treats the potential clients speaks a lot about them. Even if they are not still sure you would hire them, they must be patience in entertaining you and answering your questions. 

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