Best Paint Colors for your Stucco 

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Surely, you have heard a word or two about stucco in homes. If you have then you already know how amazing this combination of materials is. Stucco is made out of sand, lime, cement and water which make it one of the most durable things you could have in your home. It will last for a very long time and there are people who attest that their stucco sidings have lasted for fifty years and all they had to do was to clean it easily using a pressure washer which makes it very convenient for the owners of the home. it is very easy to clean and to maintain which is the best thing about it because people now are very busy with their work and everything that they have on their hands and they could not very much entertain things such as repairs, so they would prefer to have materials in their home that does not require so many maintenances works because that would be a hassle and a total waste of money when there is an option that they could avail with less maintenance.  


If something has little to no maintenance then it means that there will be no need for the home owners to spend a lot of money just to have it repaired or replaced after some years in your home. Therefore, stucco is a very practical option for everyone to choose for their homes. Even the professionals would attest about the benefits of stucco in the homes that they built and to the clients that they have served before. This is why so many people are looking for stucco installation; stucco maintenance and stucco repair near me because many people like all the benefits that they could reap from having this in their homes. We suggest that you should definitely give this a try for your home and you will never regret it.  

Now if you choose stucco for your home, the next thing you would have to do is to choose the best paint color that you could apply to your stucco. And in this matter, we could help you. Below, you will see the different paint color recommendations we have for you: 


Who says stucco walls cannot be in bright colors? Well, you could paint stucco with pink and it would look so unique and amazing. If you are into bright color such as pink, stucco will still be perfect for you. 


Do you want a taste of nature painted in your home with stucco? Well, you could have your stucco in green which is very much a great color to look at because it would be so fresh in the eyes.  


Modern homes usually involves the color black which is amazing because this color can be painted on to the stucco which will improve the entire look of your home.  


This classic color can also work well with the exterior stucco of your home. You could never go wrong with this color for your stucco. 

Stucco is very flexible in terms of the colors you could paint it with.  

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Facts about VA Loans

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Since the Government of the United States has initiated efforts to help Veterans through Veterans Affairs, they have molded ways in order to extend their helping hands to many veterans in the country. In line with this, veterans are entitled for VA loans which are a mortgage loan. But, the Veterans Affairs of the country will be the one to set rules and conditions of the mortgage loan but it will be given by private lending companies, mortgage companies or banks.

If you want to help a veteran on getting his or her own VA loan, this article is perfect for you. But, this article could also be useful to people who wants to be knowledgeable enough of the things that they are going to do in their future, and VA could definitely be one of those things, so it is better for you to study and learn something so that you could be equipped and prepared. VA loans in Las Vegas and in any other places in the country will definitely be a great help for veterans.

If you want to know more facts about VA loans, you should check the facts we have listed down below:

  • You do not need to pay for insurance

If you know, private lending companies, mortgage companies or most banks would require you to pay for mortgage insurance. But, this type of mortgage loan will not ask you to pay for mortgage insurance so that you could save some money. Mortgage insurance could be pricey, so if you have a way wherein you would not be asked to do so, then you are in the right spot; this only means that everyone would be able to afford this type of mortgage loan.

  • No down payment necessary

This type of mortgage loan will not ask any cash from your up front, which means that you do not need to pay any down payment if you avail a VA loan. Once your VA loan has been approved, you will be able to pay the full amount through financing service which is amazing especially for veterans who does not have enough cash.

  • Backed by the U. S Government

You might be thinking why the rules and conditions of this type of loan are very passive; the answer to this is that this is backed by the U.S Government because this is their project. So, companies that offer VA loans would not be worried because, in the event that veterans would be unable to meet the paying terms, the amount will be paid by the government.

  • Easy Requirements to Avail

If you avail for VA loans, you would not need a very clean history of your credit life because even if you have some discrepancies in the past years, you will still be able to get a VA loan which is amazing so that people who have been experiencing tough times at life could still be given a comfortable life.

It is definitely important for you to be aware of your finances and the things that you could do in your future.

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DIY Tips on How to Remove Common Household Stains from a Carpet

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If you have a carpet in your house, it will definitely get some stains. Let’s deal with the fact that accidents really do happen. The worst thing that you will do is to panic and get the closest cleaning solution from you. As a matter of fact, some cleaning solutions contain damaging contents or substances which can cause stain to set in. The most essential thing to keep in mind is to not rub the stain, and always use blotting method to get rid of the stains. The following are some of the tested and proven DIY methods and techniques to getting rid of some common household stains and carpet odor removal like pet urine, wine, coffee, and juice:

1. Oil-based Stains

Scrape as much as possible however, be very careful not to rub some into your carpet. Then, sprinkle a handful of amounts of cornstarch or baking soda over the spill and allow it to stay for ten minutes. While the cornstarch or baking soda is setting into the spill, combine a solution of 1 tablespoon of white vinegar and 1 tablespoon of dishwashing liquid with 2 cups of water. Afterwards, vacuum up the baking soda or cornstarch and spray a decent amount of solution on the spill.

Use a microfiber piece of cloth in order to blot the stain up till the liquid is absorbed. Use a sponge as well as cold water and then blot the area until all the stain is removed. Make sure that you work from outside of the spill going in because this will cause less marking if ever it will leave a mark. Also, test first the cleaning agent on a small area of the carpet prior to using it on the entire stain.

2. Pet Stains

Blot the pet stains with the use of a water and a white vinegar with a dry cotton towel or paper towels until it fades. Then, sprinkle over the stain a handful of cornstarch or baking soda and allow it to stay for 1 hour. Vacuum up the powder. Avoid using ammonia when cleaning up pet messes since pet urine contains it and this will encourage the animal to continually do this bad habit in that certain spot.

3. Cool drink or Juice

Combine a tablespoon of dishwashing liquid and water with a ¼ cup of white vinegar in a spray container. Spray the mixed solution on the stained area and let it stay for ten to fifteen minutes. Then, blot the stained area, from the outside going in, with the use of a dry towel until all is gone.

4. Blood Stains

One thing you should keep in mind when cleaning blood stains on a fabric is to use cold water. Combine cold water and 2 teaspoons of dishwashing liquid in a spray container and then spray onto the stained area. Use dry paper towels to blot the stained area until the blood stains have transferred onto the paper.

It’s okay to DIY a carpet cleaning task. But if you think you don’t have the luxury of time to do so or if you’re not knowledgeable enough, then it’s best that you leave it to the hands of the professional carpet cleaners.

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Why Do You Need a Professional Home Inspector? 

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Hiring a professional home inspector is not really mandatory before you buy a house. However, many people know the benefits of hiring a professional before finally deciding to complete the purchase. You would not want to purchase a house that has hidden deferred maintenance problems and substandard structural issues. The following are the primary reasons why you need a professional Potts home inspections Chattanooga inspector and what they could provide for you: 

Home Inspector


They Know Some Things that You Don’t 

As a commoner, we don’t really have some knowledge about construction materials, building codes, construction methods, and even the skill to identify faults and problems that are not obvious in the naked eyes. Also as a professional, they have an ethical code of conduct and standards of certification, which further prove they have the skills necessary for the job.  

They Save you from Buying Risks  

When you buy a house, you will be provided with many details, which you may not understand. A professional home inspector could interpret the details for you. Aside from this, you may not see some risks such as very expensive home repairs that you would be dealing once the house is now in your possession.  

Another thing is that they could prevent your hasty decision in buying expensive houses that don’t worth it. It also makes you a lot confident in the house you are about to buy because they could provide you the pros and cons of the purchase. When you hire a home inspector, you would have a chance to renegotiate or cancel the deal you already have made when the inspector sees any faults on the house and the price.  

Create a Checklist of the Things You Would like to be Inspected 

The inspector typically checks out the main systems of your house, such as your roof, foundation, walls, HVAC, plumbing, etc. But to make sure you are not leaving any important check-ups, it is ideal to itemize the things you want to be checked during the home inspection. It is always better to inform the home inspector about the things to be checked before the actual inspection especially when you include sewer, chimney, radon, etc. In the list. This is because an inspection of different places might require special equipment, and telling them beforehand could give them enough preparation time. For instance, a chimney inspection requires a camera on a cable to be able to look at the areas in the chimney flue. 

They Have an Insurance Policy 

Professional home inspectors especially those who are members of the National Association of Home Inspectors have errors and omissions insurance. This provides you with protection against financial damages when they have overlooked something they should have caught.  

They Provide an Unbiased Opinion 

Because they are a third party, they would actually tell you both the pros and cons of the purchase. A home inspector is not trying to sell you anything and is not going to make any money in doing the repairs, so they don’t have the reasons to lie to you about the potential repairs of the house.  

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